5 original Casio watch collections and where to find them in Nigeria

5 original Casio watch collections and where to find them in Nigeria

Casio Nigeria store where to find authentic Casio watches for men and women

Wristwatches do more than just tell the time, but only the really stylish people know that.

For generations, wristwatches have been pivotal in helping men and women create and define their own unique styles.

More than most, Casio wristwatches can help anyone anywhere create a strong impression every time they enter a room.

As a Nigerian, it may prove especially tough to find authentic versions of Casio wristwatches to enhance your style.


Casio official store in Nigeria


If you are a man who is keen on improving his wrist game or a woman who cares about sophistication and elegance, these are the five Casio collections you can order in Nigeria today.


Casio pop watch in Nigeria


Casio's pop collection features some of the most vibrant, playful and youthful designs, with watches built for the most fashion-conscious individuals.

The timepieces in this collection are trendy and eye-catching and greatly complement contemporary styles that 21st-century youngsters want to pull off with ease.

If your goal is to find a watch that makes a statement about your personality and style, then Casio's pop collection provides the youthful and energetic vibe you need to make it loud and clear in any room.


Casio Vintage watch for guys and ladies
You can never go wrong with slapping a vintage Casio watch on your wrist wherever you go. This iconic collection is a blast from the past which efficiently suits your retro style, a testament to Casio's reputation for durability and reliability.
The vintage collection comes in many shapes, sizes and colours that offer a wealth of options.


Casio sport watch


Casio sports watches are designed to withstand demanding conditions and are built to withstand rough handling, impacts, and water exposure, making them ideal for athletic, fitness and other outdoor activities.

Some of the useful features of the sports collection include chronograph functions for timing laps or intervals, countdown timers for precise workouts, and multiple alarms to keep users on schedule. Some models also offer heart rate monitoring, step tracking, and distance measurement capabilities that empower athletes to track and analyse their performance.

This collection isn't just tailored to athletic activities but also showcases stylish designs that blend aesthetics with functionality. So it doesn't matter whether you are a professional athlete or someone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

High functional

Casio high functional watch

The timepieces in Casio's high functional collection offer advanced features that efficiently meet the needs of the adventurous.

This collection of digital watches ticks three important boxes of durability, reliability, and practicality. It's the collection that represents absolute toughness and can enhance your style, especially during outdoor adventures.

Where to find original Casio watches in Nigeria

Casio official store at ikoyi Lagos

Maybrands is Casio-authorised as a retail partner in Nigeria and is keen to serve Casio lovers with authentic and affordable products for men and women.

The Casio store is located at Shop G04, Ikoyi Plaza, Awolowo Road, Lagos and offers nationwide deliveries.

The store’s contact number is +234 816 955 1029 and can also be reached at info@maybrands-casio.com.